Shaun Black founded KOHA with the vision of strengthening communities by supporting local business. His experience as a small business owner taught him that genuine partnership between local businesses and the people they serve is critical for communities to thrive and support small businesses sustainability. This led him to develop a model that facilitates true reciprocity between businesses and their customers – a way to drive revenue for local businesses, while rewarding loyal customers and supporting community initiatives. 



Koha is a thousand-year old Māori term meaning “to receive from giving” or reciprocate.
Koha reflects the character of both the giver and recipient, and plays an important role in creating quality relations.


KOHA’s mission is to support sustainability for small business and the communities they serve by creating dynamic systems that promote reciprocal, win/win relationships. We are committed to providing solutions that produce sustainable, long-term value for small business, local organizations, and the people they serve.


  • Rewards programs can create return customers – Only relationships can create Loyalty.
  • Technology changes. Principles don’t.
  • Reciprocal Commerce is the most sustainable win/win revenue model
  • When in doubt, add value.


While digital and mobile technology play a key role in unlocking the future of small business sustainability, the people within the system are our primary focus. If we, as a society, continue to see Technology as our sole solution, we can’t see People as our primary asset

How it works

Download the app and select which local organization you wish to support


Visit any participating KOHA merchant partner and do your shopping.


Take a picture of your receipt using your mobile device.


Your school will automatically receive a percentage of each purchase.


Universal Rewards™ - Accumulate points and redeem rewards at any KOHA merchant location

The App

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KOHA Dashboard

Your purchases make a positive impact on local schools. Monitor the success of your efforts and those of your peers through our real time dashboard.


Choose from an array of participating small businesses within your community. From florists, hair salons, restaurants, even your dentist can contribute to your school.


Track the progress of your groups fundraising efforts, suggest future campaigns and check out your schools fundraising leaderboard.


Earn and redeem points for FREE goods, meals, experiences and services from all participating Koha Merchants.


Rewards Record and track your purchases in real time by simply taking a picture of your receipt.